FuzMa (fuzma) wrote,


title: "Carlos, the very rich tooth fairy!"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: I just felt like writing something fluffy, happy, domestic and without any point to it at all.
disclaimer: True! True! True! I would never dare to say the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. As for Carl and Adam having a daughter ... weeell, what do you think?

”Daddy `los! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy `los!“ Carl is woken up by his daughter yelling his name and the door banging against the wall. Before panic about Emily’s reason for her cries can set in, she already is jumping on the bed, now screaming directly next to his ear, the volume making him flinch but he can detect excitement in her tone of voice, not fear or pain. “Daddy `los! Look!” Carl opens his eyes obediently, looking straight into his daughter’s beaming face, smile all wide showing off the small gap in her row of teeth. He smiles remembering the day before, Emily loosing her first tooth, proudly showing off her gap to Carl at every given opportunity. Now he keeps smiling at her when she again excitedly exclaims, “Daddy ‘los. You have to look.” Carl is about to ask her what he is supposed to be looking at when a coin is shoved directly into his face.
“Whoa, Em. Careful there.” Gently he takes her hand, guiding it a little bit further away from his eyes in order to be able to properly take a look at the object. He, of course, knows what she is showing him as he himself put the coin beneath her pillow last night, but Emily isn’t aware of this, so he has to act surprised.
“It’s from the tooth fairy. It’s two pounds, Daddy.” Her eyes are wide as saucers, she obviously didn’t expect to receive that much money for a tooth.
Carl smiles. “You have a very generous tooth fairy, sweet.” And yes, maybe it’s a bit much but Emily had been so upset Adam wasn’t at home to witness this important event, especially as they weren’t able to reach him anymore before she had to go to bed. So Carl decided the tooth fairy would be a bit more generous than she should be although he knows he set the standards for future lost teeth quite high now.
“Can we call Daddy ‘dam now?” Emily pipes up, looking at him with wide-eyed hope while it occurs to Carl he doesn’t even know what time it is, and taking a look at the clock he bites back a groan at the time.
“Sweet, it’s only six in the morning. Daddy ‘dam will be asleep, he had a gig to late last night. We should let him sleep a little longer, hm?” His daughter looks slightly disappointed but nods nonetheless and Carl knows she understands.
“Okay.” She sighs dramatically (something she has definitely picked up from Adam), making her father laugh. Her sigh turns into a long drawn yawn though, and Carl smoothes a hand through her out of control curls.
“How about we go back to sleep as well, and the next time we wake we call Daddy ‘dam.” His idea is met with an enthusiastic nod from Emily, who moves around on the bed. “Wanna stay here with you.”
“Sure, baby girl.” Carl holds up the covers for her, and she crawls in, cuddling up to her father. “Am not a baby anymore.” She protests sulkily.
“I know, Em. I know. What with you loosing your teeth, starting school very soon and being able to tie your shoes all alone.”
“And I got really tall!”
“Of course. Stan just told me the other day he’s afraid you’ll soon be taller than him.” Emily giggles.
“Stan is really really really really tall, Daddy.”
“I know, just shows how big you already are.” Carl kisses the crown of her head. “But despite all this you are still my baby girl, hm? Is that okay, Em?”
Emily looks up at him with serious eyes, obviously considering this, then nods solemnly. “Yeah, Daddy ‘los. That’s okay.”
“Thank you, Em. That's very sweet of you. And now let’s sleep, yes?”
“Yes.” And she snuggles up to him again, Carl waits till her breathing evens out and then lets himself drift off again.

About three hours later they are sitting in their kitchen, Emily on Carl’s lap, a half-eaten bowl of milk soaked Cornflakes and a mug of lukewarm coffee in front of them on the table. Carl has just picked up the phone –
“No, I wanna phone.” Carl quickly presses the loud button before he obeys and hands out the phone to his little girl, who takes it and expertly presses the speed dial for Adam’s mobile phone. After three rings it is picked up, Adam’s voice sounding clear through their kitchen. “Adam here, how can I be of service?”
“Daddy ‘dam! It’s me!” Emily screeches so loud, Carl has to chuckle imagining Adam’s reaction on the other end of the line.
“Hey, baby girl. It’s lovely of you to phone.” Carl whispers in his daughter’s ear to tell Adam ‘hello’ from him. Emily immediately hands over the message. “Daddy ‘los says hello!”
“Does he now? Where is he then?”
“Am sitting on him. We are having breakfast.” She informs Adam. “Ah, guess what? I am having breakfast as well. And why don’t you give Daddy ‘los a kiss from me, would you do that for me, Em?” Emily giggles, quickly turns around and gives Carl a sloppy kiss on the cheek, exclaiming loudly. “That’s from Daddy ‘dam!” before turning around again, pressing the phone back to her ear. Carl smiles and runs his hand through Emily’s hair while his daughter and Adam keep on chatting about this and that for a while. Just when he thinks Emily has forgotten why she wanted to speak to her other Daddy so urgently, his daughter excitedly says into the phone. “Guess what, Daddy ‘dam?” Without letting Adam any time to even get a word in, she goes on, words tumbling out quickly. “I lost a tooth yesterday, and Daddy ‘los told me all about the tooth fairy again and … and Stan says I am taller than him soon and guess what?”
“What?” This time Adam is quick enough to at least get this one little word in.
“The tooth fairy gave me two pounds. Daddy ‘los says she was a very rich tooth fairy.” Carl can hear Adam laughing and just knows he is shaking his head in amusement at Carlos, the very rich tooth fairy.
“Did he say that now? I personally think the tooth fairy must love you very much, Em.” Carl, still running his hand soothingly through Emily’s hair, nods at this without even noticing it. “And I bet you look very cute now.”
“Of course!” Carl smiles at the resoluteness in her voice. Adam sighs. “Hey, tell your Daddy ‘los to take a picture of your tooth missing cute smile with his cell and send it to me, yes?”
“Oh! Yes. Now!” She starts bouncing on Carl’s lap in excitement, she definitely wants her Daddy Adam to see her gap she is so proud of. Carl laughs again, picks her up, sits her down on the chair and walks off to get his mobile while Emily keeps talking to Adam. After a minute or two he comes back, kneels down in front of Emily and tells her to smile wide which she does obediently and with much enthusiasm. He gets up again, and loudly says. “Picture's coming, Adam.”
“Did you hear that, Daddy?” Emily is now again bouncing on the chair, while Carl pulls another one next to her to sit down again. They both can hear Adam’s mobile beeping, announcing Carl’s picture message arrived. Adam is quiet for a few seconds, obviously looking at the picture, and Emily presses the phone excitedly even nearer against her ear awaiting the verdict of Adam. Then his voice comes back over the phone and Carl can hear the tenderness in it, can hear how much he wishes he could be with them right now and how much he misses them both. It’s all there in the tone of his voice when he tells their little girl how beautiful her smile is and how lovely the gap in the row of teeth fits it. Emily herself is showing off that beautiful smile now, her tongue fiddling in between the gap and she slightly lisps her thank you to her Daddy. Carl picks up Emily and settles her on his lap again, holding her lightly, just listening to Adam and her chatting on.

Tags: adam green, adam/carl, carl barât, carl/adam, carlos, emily, fic
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