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title: "Coming home"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
warnings: This is very very rambly and totally random. And so domestic! *lol* But I loves it :P And the fluff is probably more damaging for your teeth than those drinks Adam and Emily are having.
disclaimer: I think this is as true as me being married to Keanu Reeves.

Emily and Adam are sitting on the front steps of their house waiting for Carl to come home from his bands’ latest tour. He has called about half an hour ago letting them now they had landed safely, claimed all their baggage and he soon would be home. It being a hot summer day Adam and his daughter decided to wait outside, both of them sipping at a lemonade. One of those real sugary ones Carl despises so much but Emily and Adam adore. So whenever they are home on their own they enjoy being able to drink the sweet stuff freely without Carl’s constant nagging about rotten teeth and the sickening taste of it. While Emily is busy blowing bubbles into her drink with her straw, Adam muses if Carl will arrive in a cab or if Stan'll take pity on him and give him a ride home. Even after all these years Carl still hasn’t managed to get off his lazy ass to get a valid British drivers’ license. As opposed to that Mexican piece of paper Carl proudly calls a drivers’ license but which of course is not valid anywhere else in the world. And with good reason. Once Adam had been in a car driven by Carl – it had been an emergency involving a three year old Emily - and it had quite frankly scared the shit out of him. He himself has never learned how to drive either because he firmly believes he should not be behind a steering wheel of a car, it could only end in a catastrophe. Carl always waves this off as nonsense but Adam never can get rid of the sick feeling which grabs hold of him as soon as he even considers learning to drive. And they really do not need to, do they? For longer rides there are cabs, public transportation and of course their friends, who never mind helping them out. Plus, according to Emily they would soon also be able to rely on her. Ever since a couple of weeks ago she has been talking non-stop about spending the summer after she turned sixteen at Adam’s parents house and making her license over there. This thought, however, horrifies Adam to his very core. It's not as if he wouldn't trust Emily as a driver. No, not at all. It's all the other idiots on the road he wouldn't trust around his little girl. Making her license with eighteen would surely be enough, wouldn’t it? Of course his father loves the idea, encouraging Emily from the beginning. Adam isn’t sure if his father really is of the opinion it's such a great idea for his granddaughter to get her license or if he just wants to make sure Emily will spend as much time as possible in the summer over in the States. He is pretty sure the latter is the real reason.
“Dad, how did you know Carlos was the right one for you?” His daughter’s voice transports him back to the here and now. The question startles him a bit. Her calling her other Dad simply Carlos doesn’t anymore. Ever since she turned fifteen Emily has taken on to calling them Adam and Carlos (but never Carl) when referring to one of them. When asked what the reason behind this is she said it makes her sound more mature. The little pout on her lips while saying so was telling them that the question confused her, shouldn’t it be clear? Pouting (and sulking) was a skill she perfectly had learned from Carl, nobody could resist any of them when pouting. At least Adam couldn’t and he suspects they secretly coach each other on improving their pouts further and further. It’s rather cruel of them. So yes, Emily insisted this made her sound more mature. But just wait till Carl arrives on their little drive way. Adam knows exactly what will happen then. She’ll squeal “Daddy ‘los”, jump up, run over to him, practically jump into his arms to smother him with kisses to let him know how much she had missed him. He smiles at the thought. He loves his little family.
“Earth to Daddy ‘dam?” Emily waves a hand in front of his face.
“Oh sorry, Em. Well, how did I know?” Adam ponders on this for a few seconds. “I don’t really know, to be honest. I just knew. One day I woke up and I knew. I am sorry if this is not a satisfying answer, sweetheart.” He seriously hopes this not so detailed reply doesn’t disappoint her.
“No, that’s alright. If that’s the way it was, that's the way it was. Asked Carlos the same question before he went on this tour.” Her blue eyes sparkle at him because she knows what he will ask next. He is curious after all.
“Oh?” Trying to sound a little nonchalant here, although he knows he cannot fool her. “What did he say then?”
Emily grins. “Said ‘He’s the craziest nutter I’ve ever met. It was the easiest thing I have ever done, falling in love with him.’” Adam matches his daughter’s grin, and feels touched by the last bit of Carl’s statement. It’s not as if he heard it for the first time - Carl never gets tired of telling him this sentiment, the romantic fool – but it still never fails to make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He laughs and turns back to Emily. “Crazy enough himself, isn’t he?” She smiles at him and then both of them turn their attention back to their sugary drinks. They sit in silence for a while till the peace is interrupted by a car stopping in front of their garden (their overgrown hedge – Adam was too lazy to cut it – blocking their view), a car door opening and slamming shut, Carl’s voice and laughter (“Thanks mate. It’s really appreciated. Yeah, just leave them there, I’ll pick them up after the welcoming ceremony.”), the car driving off again and Carl coming round the hedge down their little drive. And then it happens just as Adam has predicted: Emily squeals “Daddy ‘los” while jumping up (knocking her drink over in the process), running towards him, jumping into his waiting arms (accompanied by a groan from Carl. “Gosh, you are getting too big for this, sweet.”), legs wrapping around his middle, and smothering him in kisses.

Yes, Adam does love his little family.

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