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Okay, this is for Mary as a little pressie after her hard week full of exams (or if she, by any chance, happens to read this before tomorrow afternoon then as a distraction from those)

title: "France"
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: My second Emily!fic.
warning: None. Except for the usual: sappy!fluff! Hah, I am the Queen of cheesyness. Or something like that :P
disclaimer: I am pretty sure Adam and Carl have a little daughter they are not telling us about!

" … she left me in trance." Adam sings, trying to keep his voice as soft as possible.
"No nonono", Emily’s indignant cries interrupt him. "Daddy ’los!"
Adam sighs and gives up on the song, it is clear it’s not working. Instead he scoops his daughter up from the bed, soothingly rubs her back, trying to calm her down and walks into the kitchen to get an ice lolli out of the fridge. The doctor said it would help with the fever but Adam hopes it would also have a pacifying effect on Emily. But as he offers it to her she just shakes her head while she keeps on crying. "Want Daddy ’los." she demands for the umpteenth time tonight. "Daddy ‘los."
"I know, baby girl. I know. Believe me, I would love to have him here with us as well." Emily’s cries and pleading for her other Daddy is breaking Adam’s heart. But Carl is in Australia right now, doing a mini tour with the band for ten days. It’s the first time since Emily has been born one of them is away from home for longer than a couple of days. And especially such a long distance. Typically that their little girl falls ill exactly at such a time. Emily hiccups and takes a shuddering breath before sobs continue to wrack her tiny frame. Once again she whimpers: "Daddy ‘los." At this last plea Adam throws the ice lolli into the sink, and determinedly walks back into the bedroom, lying Emily carefully down on the big bed before grabbing the phone.

Carl himself is sleeping in his hotel bed in Canberra after a successful but draining gig when his mobile starts chiming. He startles awake, groans and borrows his head further into his pillow, settled on not answering when the ring tone makes its way into his awareness. It’s the melody to ‘Emily’ which can only mean Adam is calling him.
‘Better get this one after all.’ He rolls towards the nightstand and grabs his jingling phone.
"’lo?" Voice a little scratchy from sleep. Instantly he hears his daughter’s crying and Adam trying to soothe her. Carl is immediately more alert, straightening up in the bed.
"Adam? What’s going on? What is wrong with Emily?" Concern is lacing his voice now.
"She’s sick but …"
"Sick? Why didn’t you call me earlier? Have you been to a doctor? What's wrong with her?"
"Carl, calm down. It’s nothing bad, we’ve been to a doctor and it is only a little cold with a slightly high temperature. No need to worry, okay?" Adam explains sincerely. All the while Emily keeps up her loud cries, tugging at Carl’s heartstrings.
"She doesn’t sound okay, love. It sounds as if she’s been crying for hours."
Adam sighs. "She is uncomfortable, she can’t sleep. I’ve tried everything. But all she does is keep asking for you. I think she is more frustrated about not having you here right now than anything else. That’s why I am calling you, I must have woken you up. I am sorry."
"Don’t worry about that. I am glad you called. Put me on loud then, I’ll talk to her." Carl is relieved his daughter isn’t seriously ill although he hates it all the same he cannot be there with her and hold her during her time of distress. His instinct tells him to just fly back home but he knows that’s ridiculous.
"Just a sec." Adam lies down next to Emily on the bed, running a thumb appeasingly over her forehead. Carl can hear a click over the phone. "She can hear you now."
Carl puts on a cheerful voice. "Hey Em, my love. I am sorry I can’t be with you while you are feeling so down. But I’ll be home soon, I promise. And the next time I will take you and Dad simply with me to Australia. How about that, sweetheart? You would love it here, they have some great animals over here." During his ramblings Emily’s cries have already calmed down. She hiccups once and looks with swimming blue eyes first at Adam and then at the phone.
"Daddy Ca’los?"
"Yes, Em. "Carl smiles. "It’s me. I have heard you have been asking for me? So, did you want something specific or did you just call for a chat, hm?"
"Sing, Daddy."
Adam’s voice joins Emily’s. "Yeah, she’s been asking for ‘France’. I tried it myself but as you can see it didn’t work out at all." He soothingly runs his fingers through Emily’s thick mass of curls. She sniffles.
"Fance. Sing!" She demands. Adam chuckles. "There you have it."
“Well, if I am asked this nicely I guess I have no other choice, eh? Okay, France just for you, baby girl."
Carl clears his throat once before he starts singing in a low, gentle voice.

"The Ideal girl in London from France ... "

Carl closes the song, glad to hear that the cries have died down completely.
"It worked, Carlos. She’s asleep already." Adam’s voice is full of relief.
"She’ll really be okay though? You are not lying to me to keep me from worrying, yes?"
"The doc said it should only be one or two days and then she’ll be okay again. Really no need to worry for you." Adam promises.
"Okay then. I’ll try not to worry." Carl sighs. "At least not more than I usually do."
"You really do worry too much all the time, Carlos. I’ve giving up telling you to stop a long time ago, you’ll never listen to me anyway. But I think I’ll better let you go, yeah? What time is it exactly in Australia anyway?"
"Half three. Doesn’t matter though. Em’s more important than my beauty sleep."
Adam laughs quietly as not to disturb the little girl finally getting some rest after what was a very exhausting day for her. "I’ll just call you in the morning again, yes? My morning, I mean."
"Sounds fine to me. Give Em a kiss from me!"
"Will do. Soon you can do that yourself again, yeah?"
"Yeah." Carl sighs. "Five more days and I am home."
"Yeah. Listen, I’ll better let you go then. Love you."
"Ditto, pumpkin. Talk to you and our baby girl tomorrow."

While Adam gently picks their precious girl up and carries her over to her own bed, Carl settles himself back into the hotel bed, his mobile still clutched tightly in his hand. Just in case ...
Tags: adam green, adam/carl, carl barât, carl/adam, carlos, emily, fic
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