FuzMa (fuzma) wrote,

title: -
category: real person slash
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
notes: Don't know what this is. It just came to me while I was dozing and I had to write it down. Dialogue only and so short that the cut actually would not be necessary.
disclaimer: Some things in this are actually true :P

“I really love your new band, Carlos.”
“Our sound blows you away, eh?”
“What do you mean no? You just said you love us?”
“Of course I love the music. But I was talking about another aspect I am loving about the band.”
“What’s that then?”
“Your band members.”
“Yes. They protect you.”
“Protect me? I’ll have you know that I am old enough to take care of myself. I don’t need protection.”
“In some ways you do. Of course you can fend for your own, am not saying you couldn’t. But those guys still protect you, are behind you every step of the way – they are providing you with security and protection. I love them for that because it makes me worry less when I am away from you and am not able to do that job myself.”
“Pumpkin ... “
“Is that okay for you?”
“Yeah. Love you, you know."
"Believe me, I know."

Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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