FuzMa (fuzma) wrote,

fic!post again :P

title: "Daaaaddyyyy"
category: real person slash, Emily!fic
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
rating: Very very safe. There is a little kid here, so nothing is going to happen sex wise or swearing wise :P
warnings: A little explanation now: No, none of the guys was pregnant. So for the rest, keep thinking for yourself ;) Oh, quite rubbish as I am half asleep here.
disclaimer: Oh, never wished more for a fic to be true.

“Carl! Adam didn’t mention you coming by today? And in such lovely company. Hey, Emily.” The woman waves at the little girl perched on Carl’s hip. Emily lifts her head from its position on Carl’s shoulder and waves back before burying her head in her father’s shoulder again.
“Oh, he couldn’t have because he doesn’t even know we are here at all. We wanted to surprise him. So, where can I find him, Kelly?”
“He’s in studio 6. I think he is about to wrap up as he has already send home the other guys. Just go through. He isn’t in a very good mood though.”
“Thanks, Kelly.” Carl walks off into the direction of studio 6 and when they arrive the door is wide open and he can see Adam standing with his back to them while staring intently at the wall as if it holds all the answers he needs. Carl turns to his daughter. “Okay Sweetie, down you go!” he quietly says, putting her carefully down on the floor. “Say hi to Dad.” Emily immediately toddles straight towards Adam on wobbly legs and excitedly squeals DAAADDYYYY!!! Carl laughs, now that should get Adam out of whichever reverie he’s in right now. Adam wirls around, eyes wide and a surprised and slightly startled look on his face, fixing his eyes on Carl for a second before a hand tugs on his leg demanding his attention.
“Daddy! Up!” Big round eyes, the colour of Carl’s, stare up at him from beneath a mop of messy dark curls. “Up!” she repeats, holding out her chubby arms.
“But of course, Em. Come here!” He sweeps her off her feet and presses a big messy kiss on her cheek, which makes her giggle in return. “Oh, how I missed this loveliest sound of them all. My baby’s sweet giggles.” She smiles at him, then wraps her arms around his neck and snuggles into his shoulder with a satisfied sigh.
“She’s exhausted, it’s been a long flight and she was too excited to sleep. Couldn’t even get her to have a little nap on the way from the airport to here. But now that she finally saw you, everything that has been holding her up seems to be drained out of her.”, Carl explains, fondly smiling at their little girl, already half-asleep in Adam’s arms. Walking up to Adam he gives him a little kiss on the cheek, lightly touches the same with the back of his hand.
“You look quite exhausted yourself, love.”
“Yeah!” Adam sighs. “It’s been a bit stressy. But Carl, what are you doing here? I thought you and Em would be staying with your Mum for a whole week before you follow me here?”
“I know. We just missed you too much, so my Mum decided to throw us two mopey heads out and send us your way earlier.” Carl grins. “No, seriously we missed you so much that we discussed this and both decided to head out here earlier.”
“You discussed it?” Adam asks with sparkling eyes. Carl laughs again. “Of course. I said to Emily: ‘Do you want Dad?’ and she answered with a delighted ‘Daddyyyyy’ So, yes we discussed it very thoroughly.”
“She is very wise, our little girl. Knows exactly what she wants. That’s good!” Adam tightens his grip on the girl. Looking at Carl again he sees that he is looking at him quite questioningly.
“You know, I was told you were in a bad mood. Everything okay ... except for it being a bit stressy like you said?”
“Yeah, everything is okay NOW!” And holding his now sleeping daughter securely to him with his left arm, he takes Carl’s hand with the other. “Come on, let’s go home, Carlos!”
Tags: adam green, adam/carl, carl barât, carl/adam, carlos, emily, fic
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