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For some reason the pure fluff fits way better over here, I feel.

title: "Emily"
category: real person slash
pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
rating: Not even a single swear word, never mind anything else. And did I mention the pure fluff?
warnings: No explanation of the situation. Think for yourself ;)
disclaimer: I wish.

She is perfect, Carlos thinks.
Seriously, honestly, absolutely perfect.
Absolutely everything about her is absolutely perfect.
There are ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes, two perfect blue eyes, two perfect chubby and rosy-red cheeks, two perfectly plump pink lips, and one perfect little button nose, all topped off by a perfect set of messy dark waves covered by a perfectly adorable black and white striped bonnet.
He watches as she yawns and wriggles her two perfect little hands in front of her perfect little mouth, and he smiles tenderly at the sight.
Right now, she could be anything she might want to be.
She could do anything she might put her perfect little mind to.
She could be a famous artist, or a renowned scientist, she could write a brilliant novel or win some gold medal at some olympic game.
Or she could turn out to be nothing like that, and she would still be the most perfect human being he could ever imagine.
An arm slips tightly around his waist, and Adam’s head appears on his shoulder, looking at the perfect little thing in Carl’s arms.
“Take it slowly, Carlos. We can worry about her future later.”
Emily crinkles her perfect little button nose and starts to mewl, and Carlos quavers a bit with the sharp pang of love and worry that suddenly sparks in the pit of his stomach.
He mentally shakes his head at himself; three hours old and he’s already fretting about her.
Three hours old and he already couldn’t bear to live without her.
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, emily, fic
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