FuzMa (fuzma) wrote,

I had to write something else, so I forced this little thing out of me.

Title: Anniversary (me and the dull titles)
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Blah.
Author's notes: Back to shameless fluff. Back to Adam. Back to feeling not bad about a fic I have written. All mistakes my own.
Warnings: Very predictable. *lol*
Disclaimer: I own Carl and Adam. Like totally.

“Yeah?“ Adam answers the phone in a grumpy tone. He is a little - okay, a lot – peeved he cannot be with Carl today. Especially as it as first looked it could actually work out but then making the fucking new album came in his way of going to England. And Carl had to organize one of his club nights, so he could not come over to Adam.
“Happy anniversary, love.” His boyfriend’s voice comes over the phone and Adam’s mood immediately gets lighter.
“The same to you, Carlos.” Adam smiles. “Wish I could be with you.”
“I know. But we’ll catch up with that in ten days, hm? Three years, Adam. Who would have thought I would survive three years with you and still be quite sane.”
Adam snorts. “That requires for you to have been sane in the first place. And let me tell you, when I met you for the first time you were already pretty damn off your rocker.”
“Why, thank you!” Adam hears Carl chuckle. At the same time his doorbell rings.
“Damn. Carl, I need to get the door. Hang on a sec.” Phone in hand he walks to the door, opens it – and nearly drops the phone. Blinks. “Carlos?”
Carl looks down at himself. “I hope so.” Grins like a loon. Now Adam actually drops the phone and it clutters onto the floor while he moves forward and practically jumps into Carl’s arms. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Kiss. “Missed you.” Kiss. “So glad you are here.” Kiss. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Kiss. “Missed you so much.” Kiss. “I thought you had a club night to organize tonight?” Kiss.
All the while Carl’s been laughing, wrapping his arms tight around Adam. “Well, that was actually a little white lie. I wanted to surprise you.” He grins. “And from the looks of it, it worked.” Adam grins back and drops another kiss on Carl’s lips. “You are certainly the best anniversary present ever.” Grabs his hand, his bag and leads him inside.
“Your phone, love.” Carl stops, bends down to receive it and follows Adam inside the apartment. Once he got rid of the bag he leads Carl over to the couch, sits him down and immediately straddles him.
“What’s this then, love?” Carl asks with a mischievous glint in his eye, while Adam’s hands are already working their way down his shirt.
“I just thought some anniversary sex is in order? Or do you disagree?”
“Wouldn’t even dare to disagree on such a proposition, love.”
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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