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C/A fic

The one inspired by the C/A phone icon I am using right now.

Title: Untitled 3
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Who really cares?
Author's notes: Okay, as I said this was inspired by my icon. And some stuff over at daily_adam
Warnings: Spell-check still on strike. All mistakes my own. This is more or less ONLY dialogue. I wanted to change that but I have been staring at this thing for nearly a week now and in a way I think I would ruin it if I add more to it than mainly the dialogue. Only a little bit of prose at the beginning and two ickle occurences in the middle. But that's it. It is really just dialogue. Written in about 10 minutes. So bare with me ;)
Disclaimer: I do not own Carl and/or Adam. If I would, they would be shagging like mad right now!

It’s the middle of a photo shoot when Adam’s cell phone starts to jingle loudly in his pocket. He sends an apologetic glance to the photographer who in turn just waves him off with a “That’s okay, I was just about to suggest a short break anyway.” and leaves the room.
Adam gets his phone out, smiles when he sees the name of his boyfriend blinking happily away in tune to the jingling on the screen.
“Hôla amigo! How’s Mexico treating you?”
“Mexico itself is treating me very well. Jet lag on the other hand is killing me. You in Germany already or are you still using my flat as a free hotel room?”
“No, I am not living off your ass anymore. I flew down to Munich this morning. Living in an actual hotel room now with a much better service than what you have been giving me. You know, room service and all.”
“Hey, I am pretty sure that room service doesn’t include morning blow jobs and helping you take a bath?! How can that be better than my service?”
“Yeah, you are right about that. But the last few days it was lonely without you in there. So, I am quite happy I am on the go again and have some things to do.”
“I could always give you something to do, love. So … tell me pumpkin, what are you wearing?” Adam can practically see Carl grinning through the phone.
“Pumpkin?! Please tell me you are joking?!”
“Why?” Voice all innocent. “What’s wrong with it? I like it. Anyway, would you please focus? What are you wearing?”
“Seriously, Carlos. Can’t you talk to someone on the phone without trying to start a round of phone sex?”
“I can talk to lots of people on the phone without starting phone sex just not when I am talking with you. So? Come on, just telll me already?”
“Actually I am wearing my white shirt, you know the one you find so extremely boring and tried to rip apart last week, the blue jacket, the ugly brown shoes and your jeans.”
“I KNEW IT! I was sure I didn’t leave them at your place like you told me. You little thief. I love those jeans, you know they are my favourite pair. And the ugly brown shoes? They don’t go with anything.”
“Why did you make me buy them then?”
“I must have been temporarily insane that day. Anyway, I want my jeans back. I am missing those jeans.”
“Awww, poor Carlos. I am afraid you have to wait till you come back from Mexico though. I cannot beam them over.”
“No, but you could get out of them, so we can get this thing started.”
“Carl, I am not getting out of my jeans … “
“Yes, sorry YOUR jeans … anyway, I am not getting out of them now as I am in the middle of a photoshoot and I am pretty sure the photographer would be slightly disturbed if he came back in with me standing here with my ... your jeans down my ankles.”
“Awww, you are no fun sometimes. I am sure I would be finished with you before he comes back – I am just that talented in working you up.”
“Sure, Carl. But I think I have to refuse that lovely offer anyway, he is coming back just now. How about you call later again. I should be back in my hotel room in about two hours!?”
“I guess I have no other choice then. Just so you know though, I am going to the beach with the boys now, all shirtless and will be glistening from the sun in no time. Little beads of sweat on my skin, you know how you would love to lick those away. Then I’ll go for a swim and come out all wet and … “
“Stop it! Please.”
“Hah, see I told you I get you worked up in no time.”
“I never said you couldn’t. Just call me back in two hours, yeah?”
“Yeah, love you, pumpkin.”
“God, that is gonna stick, yes? And ditto! Bye.”
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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