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Title: Untitled 2 - follow up to "Stick up the phone, who is it?"
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Whatever. The boys like to swear from time to time.
Author's notes: Okay, Adam couldn't wait to tell Carl face to face what he told him on the phone in "Stick up the phone, who is it?". So, here we go then.
Warnings: Spell-check still on strike. All mistakes my own. Fluff and sap.
Disclaimer: I do not own Carl and/or Adam. If I would, they would be touring together.

Carl awakes with a start at the insistant ringing of his doorbell, a little lost for orientation and hair wildly dishevelled.
“What the hell? Who the fuck rings the doorbell repeatedly at nearly 2am?!”, he mumbles to himself, while staggering out of the bed in only his boxers, not even caring to throw on a shirt on his way to the door. The doorbell sounds again just before he reaches it.
“I am coming, for fuck’s sake. I really hope this is something important. For your own good.”, he growls, grabs for the handle and opens the door – just to see his boyfriend standing there, smiling the biggest smile possible at him.
“Huh?” Carl curses his brain for momentarily forgetting how to form any coherent words. What is Adam doing here? Maybe he is still dreaming?
Adam’s smile turns a little mischievous while taking in the state of his boyfriends’ half naked form. “Mymy, what a glorious sight! Do you always open your door to people like this, Carlos?”
“Only to fuckers who wake me up in the middle of the night.”, Carl’s words are back full time but his sleep addled brain is still confused. “What *are* you doing here?!”
“You know, if I am not welcome I could always go to your friend John. I am sure he’ll take me in.”, Adam pretends to grab his bag to get ready to leave.
“Don’t you dare leave again.”, Carl quickly grabs Adam’s bag himself and motions him inside. Closing the door he asks again. “But seriously, what are you doing here? I didn’t expect you till saturday.”
“Change of plans. I just couldn’t wait a single day longer to tell you that I love you face to face.” Adam’s happy, beautiful smile makes Carl’s heart skip a little faster. “I love you, Carl.” Grinning like an idiot now, matched by Carl’s own expression. “So, how about a snog then? Don’t I deserve one for this?”
Carl snorts. “I love it when you try to talk British, you know?”
“Well, that is actual the reason why I am going out with you, I want to learn all those British idioms. And you are a very good study object. And I am still waiting for my snog.”
“You will get your snog, don’t worry. And what about your willing body? Because you know that is all I care about really.”, Carl winks at him.
“Oh, my body is very willing.”
“That’s good. That’s very good. So, you’ll get your snog and we’ll follow that up with a shag.”
“Aaaah, another one of those idioms. You know how to get me all worked up, eh? Snog and shag. I very much would like that, please.”, Adam laughs.
Carl takes a step forward and closes the distance between them. “But first and most importantly I have to tell you something as well, now that I have you here.” He takes Adams face into his hands and quickly kisses his nose, his forehead, his lips. “Love you, Adam. And I am so glad you are here.” And with that he captures Adam’s lips with his and delivers on his promises ...
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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