FuzMa (fuzma) wrote,

Carl/Adam fic

Title: "Stick up the phone, who is it?" (Ouch! I know!)
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Whatever.
Author's notes: While I was feeling lonely and sad today I first read some good Carl/Pete porn (*YUM*) and then wrote some fluff. Am feeling way better now. This one is situated somewhere between "Date, maybe" and "I Kiss You All Starry-Eyed". Am not too happy with how it turned out but I guess it's alright.
The image of Adam sprawled out on a piano didn't come from me btw., it's from here!
And while this is a fic where the boys are talking on the phone, it is still not the one I have been trying to get down on paper for the last five weeks :(
Warnings: Spell-check still on strike. All mistakes my own. Shameless fluff yet again. Shameless sap even. Gosh, those poor boys. I feel kinda sorry for making them into those saps all the time. But fluff and sappiness I can write, so they have to suffer.
Disclaimer: I desperately hope Carl and Adam aren't this sappy. Enough said.

“Fuck, Adam. How long till we can actually see each other again?”, Carl sounds slightly whiney through the phone. Adam chuckles silently to himself, if he would mention this his boyfriend would vehemently deny it and entirely blame the bad connection over his cell phone. It would be of no use telling him that the connection is absolutely clear.
“I don’t really have a clue, Carl. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s definitely too long.”, Adam sighs, probably sounding as whiney as Carl just did. Damn their busy lives right now, both of them have too many commitments to see to that it is impossible to arrange for a couple of days away from them. To complicate matters they aren’t even on the same fucking continent right now, otherwise it would be possible to sneak in a day here and there. But as it is Carl is busy in the UK and Adam has his new album to record in the States. No breathing space to escape to Britain for a few days. So for the moment – and the last couple of weeks – their relationship is based on daily (or better nightly for at least one of them. Right now it is 7am in London and 2am in NYC) phone calls.
“I swear after this I won’t let you out of my sight for this long ever again. It’s insane. You should be able to actually see your boyfriend in the flesh more often than we did lately.” Yes, he definitely sounds whiney. Adam smiles and decides to tease before they both end up talking themselves into misery about this topic. “Aw come on, Carlos. You just want me there for my willing body. Admit it.”
Carl gasps in mock exasperation. “How can you actually think something like this of me? That is outrageous. I solely want you here for your mad cooking skills. Your willing body is just a nice little extra.”, he laughs but adds in a more solemn tone. “Seriously though, next time we have to find a way around not being able to see each other for such a long time. Around all this bad timing.”
“Yeah!”, Adam agrees. “We’ll just have to arrange everything a bit better.”
“You know, how about we simply hook up and go on tour together from now on?”, Carl laughs again. “You and me on the road together, couldn’t get any better.”
Adam pretends to think about this idea. “Hm, at least I would know where I would end up after each gig. So, how do you figure this one out? We sing ‘What A Waster’ again and again? Throw in ‘Who’s Got The Crack’ from time to time?”
“No, I’ve got it. We could do a lounge tour. I can just imagine you being sprawled out on a piano. I would fucking love that. Very amazing image, you know. Ohyes, would definitely love to see that each night.”, Carl’s voice drifts off a bit and Adam has to grin at the fact how dreamy he sounds. God, but he loves that guy. The thought hits him out of nowhere and yet he knows it’s the truth. Been the truth for quite some time now. Adam smiles contentedly. It hits him again that while he knows this, Carl might not. He decides he deserves to know right now and cuts through Carl’s ongoing ramblings about Adam on a piano.
“I love you!” There is immediate silence on the other side of the line.
“Wh- What?”
“I said I love you. I just thought you deserve to know that.”, Adam is still smiling brightly.
“Could you say that again?”. Adam is amused by how dumbfounded Carl sounds.
“Sure. I love you, Carlos.”, he grins. “So, what were you saying about me and a piano?” For a few seconds he only hears Carl breathe before he starts talking again. “I was just saying it’s an amazing image. That’s all. We should try it once. I mean, just for us. Not really going on tour.”, Carl is babbling, clearing his throat. “You know what? I better let you go. You must be tired and you gotta be at the recording studio quite early, right?”
“Right!”, Adam is still amused how his little announcement obviously shook up Carl. Well, he can’t take it back. He doesn’t want to take it back, for that matter.
“Good night then.” And he hears the click over the line which indicates Carl ended the call.

Not even one minute later the phone rings again.
“Shit, Adam!”, Carl’s voice comes over the line again. “I am such a fucking dolt. I cannot believe I simply hung up on you after you tell me something like what you’ve just told me. You must be quite pissed at me.”
“I am not pissed at you at all.”, Adam cuts in before Carl goes on. “Oh? Okay then. You just caught me by surprise there and my brain seemed to give up thinking … ah fuck it… I better just say it before I end up disconnecting this call again ... I love you, too. Of course I do!”, he lets out a shaky breath.
“God, Carl. I cannot wait to tell you this while being able to touch and kiss and feel you again. Fuck, miss you! Miss you so fucking much.”, Adam knows he sounds desperate but he doesn’t care. He is in love with an amazing guy he will never let go again, and it is all made better knowing that said amazing guy feels exactly the same way.
“Believe me, me too. Me too. But hey, I will simply imagine you sprawled out on a piano every night till then. That’ll get me through the time I have to wait for you being sprawled out on top of me.”, Carl jokes.
Adam has to snort. “You are an idiot, Carlos. I think *I* will imagine being sprawled on top of you then till we can make it real again. Works better for me than imagining myself being sprawled upon a piano.”
“You do that." Carl sighs. "And as much as I hate to end this call again I think you should start with that image now and get yourself to bed. You still got an album to record and produce and they won’t need a grumpy Adam in the recording studio in the morning.”, Carl teases.
“Yeah, you are probably right. Good night … no, good morning to you then.”, Adam laughs.
“Good night, love.”
“Love you.”
“Love you, too.”
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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