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Another fic.

Flocked though this time around. Because it isn't even supposed to be here really.

Title: "Uuuuh, Carl and Adam at the airport, big teary goodbye scene?" (courtesy of Mary :P)
Pairing: Adam Green/Carl Barât
Genre: RPS
Rating: Why do I care with these anyway? The occasional fuck. That's it.
Author's notes: Uhm ... yeah, this wasn't even supposed to be posted here. It was originally only written for Mary, who wanted tears at the airport. So I made total saps out of the poor boys. Not that they wanted to but in the end I made them cry a little. Anyway, posting it here mainly to archive. And this was written at 3am, so bear with me.
Summary: Carl accompanies Adam to the airport. They - especially Adam - turn into complete saps. Hah. I mean not that they weren't sappy in the stories before this but at least they didn't cry. But what I can I say? In my universe they are just deeply in love with each other :P
Warnings: As I said: sappy boys.
Disclaimer: I would be very amused if this is true.

Before Adam is completely out of the door though, Carl grabs his wrist. “Wait.”, he says. “I’m coming with you. To the airport, I mean. I am not ready to let you go just yet.” He runs to get his jacket and keys, is back at Adam’s side in a second, presses a kiss to his lips. “Okay then. Let’s go.”
They sit together in the back of the taxi, Adam flashing a beautiful smile at his boyfriend, obviously very happy by Carl’s decision to accompany him. Especially as he is still quite nervous about missing this flight. Having Carl right next to him has a calming effect on him.
“Thanks.”, he mumbles. Carl smiles. The rest of the ride they spend in quiet conversation about Adam’s upcoming tour and Carl’s plans with his band.
When they reach the airport Adam realizes all the earlier panic and nervousness is gone completey. Together they hurry into departures and search for Adam’s flight on the display panel. Carl spots it first and has to laugh.
“What’s so funny now, man?”
“Your flight is delayed. All that panicking for nothing.”, Carl replies, and Adam joins in the laughter. “Fucking brilliant.”
Carl looks around. “Come on, let’s get you checked in and then I treat you – and me for that matter – to a breakfast before you have to leave for the gate.”

They do exactly that and after enjoying a hearty breakfast, they talk some more until at last Adam’s flight is announced. He sighs. He loves touring, he loves his life like it is in general but sometimes it just is too much. He hates how it always takes him away from Carl. Not even twenty-four hours did they have together this time around. How do the really huge stars do this? When even Carl and him have problems enough to spend some time together. He starts to really loathe saying goodbye to Carl. Always to soon. Always. Sometimes it seems as if he is doing nothing else. And when did he turn into such a sap anyway? Oh right, the moment this amazing guy right next to him came into his life and before he knew what had happened he found himself in love with said amazing man. And now he has to leave yet again …
“Adam? Love?”, Carl’s amused voice startles him out of his revery. “Where were you just now? Had to say your name three times before you reacted.”
“Just thinking how much I love you and how it is not fair that we didn’t even have twenty-four hours together, and that I don’t want to ... “, Adam’s voice drifts off and to his horror he feels his eyes stinging with tears. He is getting all emotional in the middle of a fucking airport. Thankfully Carl seems to notice this as he takes him by the arm and leads him to a quiet corner, and immediately wraps his arms around him.
“Hey, it’s okay. I hate this, too. But this time it’s not goodbye for long, yeah? Maybe I can even try and come to one of your gigs?” He is rubbing his hands up and down Adam’s back.
“Shit! Carl. Look what you do to me?”, Adam’s voice is muffled and Carl feels wetness against his skin. Which only makes him blink back tears as well.
Adam’s flight is announced a second time. Carl loosens his hold of him and Adam straightens up again, and their eyes lock. Adam gives a watery smile. “Look at us, Carlos. We are worse than two girls.", and starts laughing. Carl joins in, and reaches up to wipe Adam’s lingering tears away. Carl takes a deep breath. “Okay then, let’s go.” He accompanies Adam to the security check, takes him to the side again for a second . “Remember, call me tonight. And try to sleep a bit on the flight. Love you.”
“Love you, too. See you soon.” And with that he walks off through the security gates and Carl watches his back for a while until he needs to turn around a corner. He turns around and gets on his way home.
Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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