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A short piece of fluffy goodness.

Title: I kiss you all starry-eyed (Meh. No good with titles, so I just wrote the first piece of lyric down which came to mind.)
Author: ronsoftie
Pairing: Adam/Carl
Author's notes: I know I am supposed to be starting with The Amazing Adventures of Banana!Man and Indie!Boy but this came into my head while lying in bed this morning, listening to Adam. No idea where it came from. It just popped up and wouldn't go away again. So I grabbed a notepad, went back to bed, kept listening to Adam and wrote this little piece of fanfiction. This is shameless fluff. Because fluff I can do. I am even really happy with it.
Warnings: Mentioning of Hassel the Hoff.
Disclaimer: I am sad to announce that this is so not true.

Please let me know if there are spelling errors because my spell check refused to work. I also hope I didn't jump around too often in the different tenses. I cannot write in past tense. Don't ask me why, I just cannot do it. But I always try and then end up editing the whole thing into present tense again, so it might be that I didn't catch them all while doing that.

For Mary, who still owes me porn. *mwah*

The room is filled with harsh breathing of the two men lying in bed trying to come down from their high, basking in the afterglow of their frantic lovemaking.
It is Adam who breaks their silence with a groan. “I know you are just a short little thing, Carlos, but you are still pretty heavy, you know?”
“Oh sorry.” Carl rolls off Adam slowly and lies down on his back – shoulders, sides, hips and legs still touching those of his lover, both their bodies glistening with sweat. “Wouldn’t want to crush you now, would we?”
Carl reaches over the edge of the bed and feels around until his hand comes in contact with a piece of fabric. Picking up the item, he realizes it is his shirt – his shirt which now sports a huge rip. Since it is already ruined anyway, he uses it to wipe both of them clean.
“You owe me a shirt, love. And let me tell you, this one wasn’t cheap.” He smiles and with a mischievous glint in his eyes adds, “So impatient, Adam. Just couldn’t wait to get me out of my clothes, hmm?”
He throws the shirt on the floor again and reaches over to the nightstand, this time to grab a fag, lighting it up immediately.
“Do you even own a single piece of clothing which could be regarded as cheap?” Adam chuckles as he rolls over onto his side and snuggles up to Carl, swinging a leg over Carl's.
“And are you complaining about me being impatient? Surely you are not, are you? May I remind you of a certain someone’s words on the phone? Let me repeat them for you: ‘Come on, Adam. Come to the club night, you know you’d love to. I know it is going to be a bit stressful but I’ll make it worth your while. Promise. Come on, it’s been far too long, love. I need to feel you. Need to taste you, need to feel your skin, need to feel you all around me.’ Or have you conveniently forgotten about that? So, you’d better not complain about me trying to get us skin to skin as quickly as possible.”
Carl takes a long drag of his cigarette, and grins. “I wouldn’t dare to complain about that.” His other arm comes around Adam to rest on the small of his back, his fingers starting to draw lazy patterns.
“Did I?” he mumbles, sounding almost bashful.
“Did you what?”
“Make it worth your while?”
“Always Carlos.” Adam moves his head, lazily pressing a couple of kisses to his lover's neck. “You always make it worth my while.”
They lie in silence for a while, Carl finishing his fag, and Adam busy showering Carl’s shoulder with little kisses. When Carl moves to discard his cigarette, Adam catches a glimpse of the clock. 3.17 am.
“Ugh!” he moans. “I gotta leave early tomorrow ... well this morning. I gotta be ... somewhere. Fucking schedule, sometimes I just cannot keep up with it.”
Carl shifts and moves onto his side, entwining his legs with Adam’s. “How about some sleep then? It’s not Germany you have to be in already, is it? That was sometime in March, wasn’t it?”
“Ready to be David Hasselhoff again?” Carl can’t help it, he has to tease.
Adam, on the other hand, grunts. “Carlos, this is really not funny anymore. It may have been funny the first ten times you said it. But I am afraid it lost its appeal after the next ten times. Come up with something new. Please ... ” He drifts off with a yawn.
“Sleep then.” Carl switches off the lights and then wraps his arms around Adam, drawing him in closer. Adam nestles his head into Carl’s shoulder again, and with a satisfied sigh closes his eyes.
Before sleep claims him, he feels the slightest touch of lips in his hair.
“I love you, you know.” Carl whispers into the darkness.
Adam smiles. “I know. And that’s really good cause I happen to love you, too.”

Tags: adam green, carl barât, carl/adam, fic
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