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title: "Welcome home"
category: real person slash, Emily!Fic
pairing: Adam/Carl
notes: domestic! Hah. Anyway, I might edit this sometime in the future as I feel there is something missing.
disclaimer: Just yesterday I visited Carl, Adam and Emily in their lovely house in Watford. Beautiful there, you should come visit some day, too.

Carl stands in front of the few steps which lead to the front door of yet another house Adam and himself are looking at. The estate agent gave them the keys and left them alone, telling them to take as much time as they need, and Adam has vanished into the house already. Carl looks down at a three month old Emily who is sleeping peacefully in her baby carrier, shaking his head at himself because he can remember a time when he couldn’t understand those parents who wouldn’t leave their babies with other people the first few months after they were born – not even for a few hours. And now he is one of those people. A lot of their friends offered to look after the little girl while he and Adam were out house hunting but they insisted on taking her with them. With Adam explaining it was important to have her there with them, she should be able to let them know her own opinion of the respective houses, looking so serious and determined when delivering the line again and again to various friends that nobody dared to laugh at him. Carl smiles now though, Emily couldn’t care less about the houses from the look of things, she has slept soundly through all the viewings so far. He looks up again at the little archway over the steps when –
“Carlos!!” Impatient yell from his dear boyfriend. “Come in here, will you? You have to see this.”
Carl heaves Emily’s basket from one aching arm to the other and walks up the steps beneath the archway and steps into the house. Stops for a couple of seconds in the entrance hall to locate Adam, and spotting him in the living room he walks over to him. Adam is beaming at him. “Look at this window. It’s beautiful. Makes everything so bright.” Carl can see what he means, it’s a beautiful huge bay window overlooking the lawn, drive way and little hedge at the front of the house.
“And would you please take a look at this! A fireplace, Carlos! As it should be!” Adam keeps beaming at him. Carl rolls his eyes. Adam’s always been complaining his flat doesn’t hold a fireplace. According to him every house and flat in Britain should have a fireplace cause it’s a tradition, isn’t it? “Our house needs a fireplace, yeah? If we live in Britain I want a house with a fireplace.” And they are going to live in Britain. It was a very easy decision actually, there was no need to discuss it as both of them work more in Europe and Adam already spend most of his time over in England with Carl for the last two years, so it was quite clear from the beginning they would choose Britain as their home for their little family. Carl felt a bit guilty at the beginning but Adam has been nothing but genuinely enthusiastic about it and so his guilt has been quickly erased.
“It definitely is a beautiful one.” Carl again has to agree with Adam. He looks around a bit more, it’s a real nice living room, spacey, comfortable, and light as Adam has already pointed out.
“Come on then, Carl. Let’s have a look at the garden.” Adam takes him by the baby carrier free hand and drags him through the dining area and the quite huge kitchen (huge only in comparison to the kitchen in his flat though), through the backdoor and onto the porch. It doesn’t take long to assess for both of them the garden is just perfect. The right size and as Adam pointed out the swing set would fit in it. The swing set is very important to Adam. He had already bought it before Emily was even born. It is stored away at Stan’s because they don’t have any space to spare in Carl’s small flat at the moment. They don’t even know where to store all the presents they’ve (well, Emily really) received from their family and friends ever since their little girl was born. You’d thought they would stop bringing presents after initially meeting the baby – cooing and aaahing at her – but no, they bring something every bloody time they come by. So Carl and Adam really need to find a house and move as soon as possible.
“It can go over there, yeah.” Adam points to the right of the garden. “Hey, are you even listening?”
“Yes, course I am. Swing set going right there.” He points at the same spot than Adam did.
“Good.” Adam nods. “Upstairs then?”
Carl nods. When they reach the stair case leading upstairs Adam holds his arms out. “Give her here. You have carried her for over an hour now, your arms must be falling off.” And indeed, Carl’s arms are really hurting him, and he gratefully hands over the carrier holding their sleeping daughter to Adam. Once upstairs they have a look in the bath, and two of the bedrooms and are now currently standing at the window of the third bedroom. Both of them looking down into the backyard. This could be Emily’s room, Carl muses. She’d love to have the view over the garden.
“You know what?” Adam asks from beside him. “This will be Emily’s room. She’d love to have a view over the garden.” Carl chuckles at Adam voicing his exact thoughts.
“I’ve just been thinking exactly the same thing, love.”
”Really?” At Carl’s nods Adam beams at him again. “So, do you … I mean … this house is us, yeah? I love it, Emily would love it, you … ?”
“Love it. Very much.” And Carl knows they maybe should take a more thorough look at everything but Adam is right when he said the house is just them. He feels the same. It’s as if the house has just been waiting for them. Looking at his sleeping daughter again, then at his boyfriend’s beaming and calm expression he feels a peace coming over him and knows this house – their house soon - won’t disappoint any of them.

Tags: adam green, adam/carl, carl barât, carl/adam, carlos, emily, fic
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