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Another fic post.

Because I kinda had a feeling that marystmatthew would ask for more, I prepared myself :P With another short piece of fluffy goodness.

Title: Morning After Midnight (Oooh, all those original titles.)
Pairing: Adam/Carl
Author's notes: Yes. If the last one was shameless fluff then this one is even more shameless and even more fluffier. Maybe. I also have no clue where panicky!Adam all of a sudden came from. Or vulnerable!Adam for that matter because this was only supposed to be a drabble. But then he just wouldn't stop panicking, and all this happened instead. Or maybe Carl just wanted to be a mother henprotective again. Who knows? I just do what they tell me in my head. Not as happy with this one than with the last one. But I still like it :)
Summary: The next morning after "I kiss you all starry-eyed". Mushy, mushy, mushy :P Oh, and sappy probably as well.
Warnings: Carlos luckily got the point on the David Hasselhoff thing, so no warning needed this time around.
Disclaimer: Not true. Not true. Not true. I think.

“Fuck! Carl, stop laughing. This is not funny. Not funny at all. I am going to miss my plane if I don’t get going.”, Adam glares at his boyfriend, who is just now doubling over with laughter from watching Adam’s frantic tries to get properly dressed. Right now he is hopping around trying to get into his jeans, looking absolutely gorgeous with his hair still wet and dishevelled from his shower.
“Fuck, Carl. I mean it. Stop your fucking guffawing. It’s not helping any.”, Adam fumbles with the zipper of the jeans while desperately looking around. “Have you seen my socks? Or my shoes? Please, Carl ... “ The pleading look Adam sends into his direction finally stops Carl’s laughter and he decides to take mercy on his lover. He gets up from where he was sitting on the couch and moves right in front of Adam, putting one hand on each of his arms, rubbing them up and down. “Take a deep breath, love. Going into a panic just slows you down and won’t get you anywhere at all. Just breathe.”, he says gently and presses a kiss to Adam’s forehead. “Now, look at you! Your shirt is buttoned up all wrong. Can’t send you out into the world like that now, can I?”
While Carl works on the buttons of the shirt, Adam drops his head onto his shoulder, taking a deep breath like Carl had advised him to.
“Sorry”, he sighs. “Don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s just that ... “ He drifts off.
“Just what, love?”
Another sigh. “Nobody was really happy with this whole arrangement. With me coming here to play, I mean. Especially with the schedule being so tight as it is at the moment. Nearly got into a fight over it. But I reassured them again and again that it won’t be a problem, that I will be back with everybody in time.”
“Fuck, Adam. Why didn’t you tell me that before? This is all my fault, the way I have been practically begging you to come here.”
Adam’s head snaps up at this. “No, don’t say that. That’s exactly why I didn’t tell you. You would have only told me not to come, but I wanted to be here. Be with you! I’ve missed you.”
“God baby, I’ve missed you, too.”, Carl strokes the back of his hand gently over Adam’s cheek. Adam leans into the touch before saying sadly: “And now I am running late ... and ... “
Carl interrupts him before his lover can beat himself up even more. “Well, it was your idea to take a shower. You couldn’t just go all dirty and smelly, huh?”, Carl tries to lighten Adam up with a little bit of good natured teasing. It actually works a little as Adam lets out a shaky laugh. “And I meant showering ALONE, Carlos. I didn’t mean for you to join me, give me the most amazing blow job and then me returning the favor.”
“Hey, it’s not my fault that you are so easy.”, Carl jokes but then gets serious again. “Look, you are not really that late, you can still make it.”, he says, taking Adam’s hand in his, leading him to the couch. “You sit down here while I am going to get your socks and shoes. I am pretty sure they are somewhere in the bedroom. I also will call you a taxi, okay?” With that he rushes off into the bedroom, and a couple of moments later Adam hears him talking on the phone in hushed tones. Another minute later he comes out of the room again, with Adam’s socks, shoes and duffel bag. “There you go. Taxi will be here in about ten minutes.”

Exactly ten minutes later the taxi drives up and Adam swings his duffel bag over his shoulder. Before he opens the door though he turns to Carl, who draws him close and they share a last kiss, afterwards just holding onto each other for a couple of moments during which Carl murmurs into Adam’s still dishevelled hair. “Next time you are here, I am going to take you to watch the sunset at Waterloo Bridge. Remember? I told you about it once.” Carl can feel Adam smile against the skin of his neck. “Yeah, I remember. You are just one big old romantic fool, aren’t you, Carlos?”
Carl simply shrugs. “You know you like it.” Adam laughs, then straightens himself up. “Okay, really gotta go now. Before I start panicking again.”, he laughs again but a little nervously this time. “Listen, I think I might be able to escape the tight schedule again in two weeks time. We’ll see if we can arrange something, yeah?”
“Yeah.”, Carl whispers. “Now go. Call me later, okay? Doesn’t matter if it is after the gig and late, just call me. And love, if you have the time, eat something at the airport – or the very least on the plane. You didn’t have anything for breakfast in the end.” Adam rolls his eyes at Carl’s need to mother him yet again but nods nonetheless. Carl steals one last kiss before opening the door to send Adam on his way.

And now I want to write a fic with a ladybird in it :D
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